We’re a global team of strategists, copywriters and editors spanning 20 cities across 4 continents. And we spend our days working with people, brands and businesses that are creating the future we want to see.

We extract insights, launch brands, come up with business ideas, find your tone of voice and create strategies you can push play on. Then we turn our learnings into words; headlines you want to read, and long copy for short attention spans.

See? We’re just like a brand agency. We just don’t do pictures.


There are two parts to good copywriting. Figuring out what to say and then how to say it. We focus on both so that the words you end up with are beautifully written, strategically sound and as future-proof as they can be. We’ll leave the poetry for the weekend.

Creating the future we want to see

We’ve launched start-ups, nurtured VCs into finding their soft centre, and helped the most admired brands in the world explain themselves from big picture down to the tiniest detail. We’ve localised foreign brands and helped local brands go global.

Say what you want to say

Clients tell us that we’re good listeners. So, we can collapse your 30-minute elevator pitch into one level, translate that jargon into English, and help you say what you want to say. Sometimes, we can even read what’s not being said. And catch the thought that almost got away.

We live in the future

Our HQ is in Melbourne, Australia and we’re used to working across time zones and seas. For those in the U.K., we’ll meet your sunrise with a sunset. For those in New York, we’ll meet your martini with a coffee. And for our friends in L.A., we’re almost one full day in front of you so there’s plenty of time to chat.

Real change begins with thoughtful communication

We know that facts ground feelings. And feelings make a fact something you want to believe. So, when a brand comes to us with a claim, we ask for the evidence. Then we wrap personality around the facts, figures and statistics. Real change begins with thoughtful communication and today’s consumer asks for nothing less. Isn’t that right, reader?